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Before we start

Primebeef is a premium brand of beef. It’s not only the sign of the highest quality but the way you eat meat.

More than just a beef


Is to present the premium beef brand simple and clear to any user. And to tell about benefits, quality and the production methods.


Toothsome steak is a central thing of the main page. We showed a clean design, bright elements and engraving illustrations, painted specially for the site.

main page

Main page tells about the premium beef qualities


The main thing of the project are specially made illustrations. The bull is not only a decorative element, but also serves as a navigation for different pages. By clicking on the desired cut the user moves to the recipes.

The site also has an educational task. To make the consumption of high-quality beef as something familiar for every person.

Main sections

Recipes are surely the most interesting content. That’s why we created a blog section, where the company posts recipes, interesting articles about the production stages, some information about bulls and so on.

Different scenarios are created for those who still in search of the best piece to buy and for those who have already bought, but did not know how to cook it properly.

Would you like to try?

A simple search of the realization places is divided into a list of shops and restaurants. Separate categories are online stores. On a page of contacts you can subscribe to the newsletter and to contact the company representatives.

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