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Before we start

GUS-Trans is an international logistics company whose specialty is cargo delivery between the countries of Europe and the CIS.

More than just logistics


To create a website creating an image of a serious freight market professional, to tell about the services provided by the company and of its advantages, introduce the visitors to the work and to the team.


Movement is at the core of the site. The website is strict in design, simple in navigation and full of eye-catching tech solutions.

Website awards
Honorable Mention,
Awwwards, 2017
Website Of The Day,
CSS Design Awards, 2017
Concept design

Strict and representational black; bright and active red. Classic forms, asymmetrical grid and interactive sliders. In the end we get the image of an experienced and established, but at the same time modern company full of energy.


Horizontal slider on the main screen symbolizes cargo transportation. There’s a circle that needs to be clicked on, held and dragged to the right or to the left — each of the seven slides tells about company’s expertise.


What makes this specific site stand out in the field and at the same time helps the user to learn about the services GUS-Trans provides is the automatic slider on the main page. It contains large-format pictures, brief descriptions and direct links to the pages with additional details.

The sounds used on the site create the necessary atmosphere and help users to navigate through.


«Call to action» forms gently invite users to have a conversation. There’s news subscription field in the footer, and a form to contact a consultant on «Our services» page.


We created a set of unique icons depicting cargo vessels. They move while scrolling and help users not to get tired of text blocks — which means better information perceiving.

One administrative panel for four language versions.

Always connected

Desktop, tablet, smartphone — the website is accessible from any device, and a user can examine the information at any time convenient.

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