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Vist Energy

Before we start

Vist Energy designs solar power plants and helps with its installation and service. This is an economical and ecological way of electricity generation.

More than energy


The website should clearly explain the working principle of sophisticated equipment, shape the image of a specialist and innovator with a high quality service.


To create a clear and understandable website. To inform about the technology through the illustrative schemes, to show by stages how the equipment works under different circumstances.

Website awards
3rd place Construction,
Runet Rating, 2017
Solar power

The website has only four pages with everything necessary. Users should feel comfortable and easily find answers to any questions. We made a convenient button «Up» on the pages with long scroll.

Fast load

The section with systems is made in a special way: the content is generated with all the data at once. All the schemes are loaded at one time, so there is no need to wait until the page is updated while choosing the model — everything is already here.

We’ve merged 43 SVG layouts into one whole system with detailed trace drawing of the solar systems.

Systems in life

We have shown on the ready-made projects how useful, easy and economical our systems are. The cases were put according to the target audience. There are both B2B and B2C segments: enterprises, agriculture, residences.


Energy systems are a serious product. The website shouldn’t have too many animations so as not to make a casual impression. Nice parallax and reactive interface are sufficient for creation of the right image.

Vist Energy understands the importance of being available on any device.

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