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Before we start

Website for branded trade network of interior doors, wall panels and floors of natural solid wood. Brand models are produced according to traditional templates used by Italian designers for centuries.

More, than doors


Redesign old website, make it stylish, modern, simple but at the same time uncommon and interesting. The site should show the level and quality of brand production.


Nontypical for such sphere website that could reflect the brand, its elegance and exclusivity. We choose minimalism as a basis which suits perfectly to a classical style of Viporte products and shows its advantages.

Main page

Main page tells about the company and name letters lead to the website sections. The company’s products are very beautiful, so we decided to add more samples, textures and details: bright accents of the site.

Navigation and menu

Navigation is based on a company name Viporte. Each letter changes by scrolling and opens important sections of the brand: benefits, service, warranty and quality of the company.

Side navigation

For a quick access to the sections we created a compact sidebar.


Simple and laconic menu for easy site navigation.

For dealers

We also created a special page for dealers where clients and partners can find additional materials.

Animations are very important for a great website. They help to make more vivid pages and establish communication with users.


Catalogue is one of the most important pages of the site. That’s why we paid so much attention to product catalog. In this section you can choose the most successful combinations of products and then see how they look in real interiors.


We created an individual page about the company where we tells about history and interesting facts. Unusual html-page layout makes the page really beautiful.


Custom navigation with smooth animations, nice typography and details complete the look of our website.

For every inner page we created a unique grid, and for the news, events and materials we provided branded covers.

Responsive website

The site looks equally well both on the desktop and on all mobile devices.


After all the work was done our client trust us one more big thing to create: a user-friendly configuration tool for the doors. We also developed a version for tablets and phones that helps managers show doors to clients.

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