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Desires Tram

Before we start

Desires Tram is not an ordinary house, it’s a city legend. The place where a fairytale is born and all desires come true. A mix of architectural forms and solutions from different countries and ages, a combination of retro style and modern comfort. The magic starts here!

More, than a Residential Compound


To create a unique, inspiring site for a new residential compound. It should contain all information about prices, documentation and have a detailed and easy-to-understand apartments catalog.


We created an immersive to a legend interactive promo page and combined it with traditional website sections. Chose a retro style and sepia as the main color scheme.

Website awards
Site Of The Day,
Awwwards, 2017
Webite of the day,
СSS Design Awards, 2017
2nd place Real Estate,
Runet Rating, 2017
2nd place Promotional websites,
Runet Rating, 2017
Promo page

We decided not to use common storytelling and brought some magic on the main page: sudden objects appearance, horizontal scroll, small fascinating details. It looks like a magician pulled endless colored handkerchiefs out of a hat.

A mix of good old retro inventions days, modern technologies and innovative solutions.

Interactive actions

On the main page there are two points where a user needs to make a simple action to continue scroll. In the first point you need to drag the key and in the second point you need to pull down the portiere rope. To not confuse a user we animated elements and write what to do to go further.


One of the main page transitions is an animated three-colored kaleidoscope effect. We chose JavaScript Canvas to create it because it is great for complex dynamically changing two-dimensional images.

Dive into the magic

Such interactive elements hold attention, involve and make you a co-creator of the story. You’re a part of the legend, in the house of dream called Desires Tram.


On the base of a scheme are low-key colors, but at the same time color bring accents to the website. Brick-red reminds the color of houses, red and brassy are the shades of a classic tram. And according to the legend, the magician visited countries and times on such tram and decided to build a unique residential compound.

Main character

We chose the image of a genteel, elderly gentleman in a classic suit with some steampunk elements, white magician gloves and a hat full of miracles. We’ve made a photo session with a professional actor: more than 30 different scenes and images for all pages, including 404. We also photographed different body parts and costume elements.


Retro-style allows an abundance of typefaces, so we created a website full of typography. We built a hierarchy of text and system fonts, what made the information look pleasant and easy to read.

Rhythmic and enticing music immerses into the atmosphere of magic, complements the image and helps to create a legend.

Key section

The most important part of the website is an apartment configurator. We placed everything on one page. The data is loading in the background, so the selection process is fast and convenient.

Inside the catalog we showed all the necessary information. The company openness, the documentation availability and the pricing transparency gain the confidence of a potential client.

An apartment selection

Buildings that are being built now are filled with yellow by hover, as well as floors at the building approach. We placed a mini-plan of the house for users to see the location of the selected apartment. On the page you can find everything from the color status of the apartment to the building renders.


Made two sliders with photos of exterior facades and accomplishment and interior stuff: entrance hall finishing, design interior and layout options. Also placed albums with photos and online cameras of the construction stages to emphasize the company’s openness.

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