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Before we start

Did you know that more and more people nowadays try to cook by themselves? Pugovitsu makes the cooking process easier and truly enjoyable!

More than dinner


Is to show people how easy, tasty and healthy dinner could be. Now cook a delicious dinner may even a person without high cooking skills.


To create really simple and understandable website for people, who don’t want to spend their spare time for shopping.

Main page

The concept of the main page is to describe the service. It has all the necessary information: how it works, what suggests and how much it costs. You can make the order just right from this page.

Menu of the week

The menu is fixed so you can order only suggested food, but it changes every week. Every dish comes with all the products you need and with step by step photo recipe. Cards are laminated, so you can use them not just once.

Prepare dinner is as simple as sew a button!

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