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Prostor Capital

Before we start

Prostor Capital is a venture fund that likes IT and Internet and invests in the best teams on this market.

More then investment


Is to create a light and airy site which forms the image of a reliable, stable company.


Thinking about the company’s name, we offered a visual idea of wide open spaces and supported it with light colors and fonts and nice photographs.

Main page

The principal concept of the main page is clearness and peace. The first fullscreen slide looks good at all the types of screen.

Home page leads to all the site sections.

Gentilesse, lightness, calm are key directions in the site design and smooth animations help to find the right attitude.

Logo adaptation

We worked with a logo as well. A growing up city appears when you move a pointer to a shortened version of the menu. It makes page more simple.

Key sections

Principal site sections are investments and portfolio are decorated with large photographs. On the Team page there are friendly faces of executives.

The pages structure is consistent and clear. There are all the information you need on them.

Team page

Live pictures are the most interesting thing on the team page. Elusive motions of each team’s member express his habits.


For each investment proposal were made special icons.


The website is adaptive, so it’s easy to use on any device


It also means that it’s accessible everywhere, so you don’t need a computer to read all the information you want


That’s a good thing for people who don’t stay all day at the office, but work all over the town from their smartphones

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