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Before we start

MediaLike is a photo and video shooting for internet resources, applied photography and candid shot.

More than a photography


Create stylish and modern website that tells about the company and let users see the portfolio.


To use in a website design photo and video elements, but in a simple graphical format. This idea is supported with visual effects and hovers.

Photo and video

User realizes quickly that he’s watching the best Runet photographers website.

Main page

The main page tells about the company services, shows recent works and blog messages. On the page there are some interesting visual effects when you point to the page’s sections.


Some sections are made with a slider to show more information on one page.

Recent works

This page shows all the recent work of the different sections. Depending on their type appears the icon of photo or video when you point to them.


Services are built on a complex grid system and lead to the selected section portfolio.


To make photo and video theme more obvious we changed default cursor.

We added all the necessary animation and visual effects on every page.

Text page

We’ve added different styles for blog pages decoration to show the content in all its beauty.


One of the page is dedicated to the company founders who are really great photographers of Runet.

Photo gallery

Every user can download the photo in a high quality, but first you have to share a link in one of a social network.


For the portfolio was made a special button for quick access. It opens in a popup window.

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