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Before we start

KADO is one of the oldest distributors of interior decoration products in Russia. At the same time, it is a centre of real professionals: company holds thematic meetings and training courses on a regular basis.

More, than interior decor


The new website design should reflect innovative company spirit and its leader position on the market, demonstrate company’s broad capabilities of products and professional growth of the company’s customers.


Divide two main areas of the company. Conduct part of the website section to the educational center and the second part to the products assortment. At the same time, it was important to make an accent on the company’s products because their core activity is distribution.

Design concept

Website colors are soft and complex. They evoke pleasant, immersive sensation of coziness in a contrast with rough pattern forms. Such combination reflects the home space itself: tender pastel hues are similar with soft pillows, and the blocks position is just like material layers in the draperies. At the same time, the structure and forms clarity convey the strict shapes of the furniture set.


On the main page, we placed a selection of current trends, novelties in the assortment, designer’s collections. We worked a lot on the catalog to make it really convenient for searching and selecting the desired product.

60 thousand items

The company has a great number of suppliers with its own name for brand and collection. We faced with a difficult task: to create one unified system of namings to make design, rapport or shade searching easier.

Create your collection

When you click on the item you like it moves to the basket, so you won’t lose it. With this feature you can easily compare products, and in case of partner agreement you can place an order for the self-assembled in several clicks.

In the product card we wrote all the necessary characteristics, and at the same time save the accent on the material itself.

Find the right one

We sorted all the goods by leading blocks and Russified the necessary categories. Because of this the filter works consistently and you can find the desired detail in a few seconds.

Personal account

Are you already a KADO partner? Personal account helps to immerse into a world of high-quality interior design. Here you can see the internal documentation, commercial offers, prices and other internal documents and news. Team section introduces to other distributors their colleagues.


To emphasize the modernity, dynamism and great taste of the company, we animated blocks with photographs and patterns on the pages. Added parallax effect on multi-layered visual blocks and write different speed for every block. So the pages became really fairy and pleasant.

A balanced and smart combination of animated and static elements is a rarity for Russian websites. And we’re sure that work on a dynamic part of design is a great thing for users. The website becomes much more convenient.

Site Assistant

On the KADO website, you can easily find any section. We placed the help button in the corner of the screen on every page. Icon with a question-mark opens quick access to main menu sections: products catalog, business conditions and terms and study center.


We also create a new logo for the new website. We chose a laconic symbol. KADO word is consonant with the French word "gift» and the logo lines are associated with the interlacing of ribbons on a beautiful package. At the same time the sign reminds crossed furniture legs, textile yarns and the letter «K». We wanted to show the stability and reliability of the company, that’s why we’ve chosen classical forms.

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