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Before we start

Insider.Moscow is the first independent restaurant guide of big Russian cities.

More than a restaurant guide


Is to create an active community around the project and to transform it into a full-fledged service.


The base of the site is a content. Review and information about the restaurant are united with one click. And dark colors create a mystic and a little bit secret atmosphere.

Main page

Articles in a blog post one-two times a day, so on the main page displays all relevant articles of the week.

Restaurants and articals

Besides author’s articles, every restaurant has its own page with all the necessary information and users’ pictures.

Anonymous and completely independent articles. You are going to choose among really best reastaurants.


On the Insider has been already estimated several hundred restaurants and every day their numbers are increasing. To make the process of finding the right place easier, it is possible to filter them by different type. For example, Bohema is a place where clerisy people are hanging out. So you better drink a lot there and it’s quite possible to get slapped right in your face.

Website and the app is not only about Moscow, so it could help you not to get lost in a new city. Stay calm, beacuse you’ll surely visit the best restaurants.

Ratings and scores

Every restaurant has their own score. List of smart columnists who can stave off boredom. Well, at least they’ll try. Restaurants are evaluated using a 9-point scale. Ratings are divided into green, red and black, where green is the worst place and black is the best.


Registered users can keep a journal with photos and comments. All the places where the user has checked-in can be viewed on the map.

The app from restaurant maniacs to restaurant maniacs and their sympathisers.

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