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Before we start

Little dinosaurs it is lots of unforgettable emotions, a burst of laughter, happy children’s eyes and smiles of their parents. Bright design and interesting attractions of children’s center will surprise even the youngest visitors.

More than just a kids website


Is to create a vivid and emotional design, attractive for children and their parents


Create clay characters, interesting for children to play with.

Haunting logotype

The underlying concept of the logo is colorful dinosaurs of simple forms and nice looking colors.

Main slide

The main slide task is to catch the interest of parents and make them scroll further. Moving down the site, users gets the impression that they are watching a cartoon movie or read an illustrated book.

Colourful numbers

Every element on the site is made with love and care. The same care your children get on the playground.

Creating masterpiece is easy

You can read all the information you need about the center while your children watching beautiful and bright pictures.

Live animations

Every element is made from several positions to make the animation more natural.

Live animations

For every character was made from 3 to 6 shots and special light to make them more realistic.

Live animations

All the clay elements are hand-made, and a watermelon is really bitten :)

A website with «hand-made» elements is a new decision in a digital world.

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