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Demo Aveda

Before we start

DEMO concept salon AVEDA is a beauty salon which unites modern technologies and traditional Ayurveda approaches.

More than beauty salon


To create a website which combines salon services and Aveda products, shows their careful and innovative approach to clients and reflects close brand connection with the nature.


Elegant design with a harmonious asymmetry. Calm colors in design, stylists photos on the forefront and floral compositions.

Main page

Main page introduces salon services: shows every website parts and gives the opportunity to go to the section.

All active images which leads to website sections we supplied with hover. An arrow softly shows that the picture has a continuation.


Men and Women sections are visually divided into black and white colors. There you can find correspondent services and cosmetic.

Product page

Aveda is an international cosmetic brand, that has been existing since 1978. Modern technologies and green science traditions harmoniously combined in Aveda products.

The individuality of each flacon is underlined by the asymmetrical arrangement. Pictures of natural ingredients reflect organic composition.

Key sections

When you mouse over the menu button it pointed up with elegant strikethrough. Thin lines frame products preview in catalogue as well.

Black, white and tender pastel hues are the basis of color decoration. Thereby the focus is on photos which reflect salon concept.

Photos on pages are collected as collages and arranged asymmetrically. That reflects modern and creative salon approach to their work.

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