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We create innovative projects, keeping in mind all our clients desires. What makes us different? Well, our attitude, our passion and our people. We really love what we do and enjoy the process.

Every company has its philosophy. We want to help our clients wishes come true. It is important for us to stay ahead of market’s strategies, technologies and creativity. Don’t believe? Check out the project section — that’s the place where miracles happen.

Who we are?
Teona Gandelidze
content manager
Bogdan Lotarev
backend developer
Denis Lomov
creative director
Dmitriy Efimenko
backend developer
Daria Myasoedova
Denis Safonov
senior frontend developer
Irina Borzunova
join us
Elena Kudaeva
Sveta Bykova
Sergi Matveev
Yury Makarov
Vladimir Lukashov
frontend developer
Anton Ustinov
frontend developer

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Want to create great things with us? We’re always looking for someone special. Maybe for you? Email us and become a part of the best team ever.

Raiting of russian web studios creativity, 2016 Runet Raiting
Raiting Digital Design & Creative, Ruward, 2016
United Raiting of web studios 2016, Ruward
Rating of russian design-studios, 2015 Tagline
Honors & Awards
  • Red Collar 1st place
    1st place Best agency web-site, 2016
  • Red Collar 1st place
    1st place Best site in a foreign language, 2015
  • Dinoplay 2nd place
    2nd place Entertainment and Sport, 2016
  • Adverigo 1st place
    1st place Information Technology, 2015
  • Primebeef 1st place
    1st place Consumer goods and Trade, 2015
  • Marcandfisa 2nd place
    2nd place One-page site, 2015
  • Digital-raid 2nd place
    2nd place Own project of digital agency/web-studio, 2015
  • Adverigo 3rd place
    3rd place Promotional website, 2015
  • Primebeef 3rd place
    3rd place Best site in a foreign language, 2015
  • C-NET 3rd place
    3rd place Information Technology, 2013
  • TravelWorks 3rd place
    3rd place Portals, 2013
  • Pugovitsa 3rd place
    3rd place Consumer goods and Trade, 2013
  • Education 1st place
    1st place Personal site/Blog, 2012
  • RedCollar 3rd place
    3rd place Design and Advertisement, 2011
  • Marcandfisa 1st place
    1st place Promotional website of the FMCG brand, 2015
  • Primebeef 1st place
    1st place Best promotional website of consumer goods, 2014
  • Pugovitsa 1st place
    1st place Best start-up/service design, 2014
  • Agrosvet 1st place
    1st place Industry and Manufacturing, 2014
  • TravelWorks 1st place
    1st place Themed informational portal, 2013
  • Scania 2nd place
    2nd place Auto/Moto, 2014
  • RedCollar 3rd place
    3rd place Web-studios site, 2014

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